PROJECTS: Student Powered Projects (SPP)

Created by Centenary College faculty, the Student-Powered Projects are the natural evolution of the values that guide the college in its approach to education, preparing students for their future careers in business and community.

Graduates must be adequately prepared to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills to the world of:

  • Business,
  • Community services,
  • Government, and
  • Non-profit agencies.

The Student-Powered Projects under the direction of the Northwest New Jesrey Small Business Development Center (NW-NJSBDC) provides the opportunity for the diverse disciplines to come together, applying their resources to achieve the interrelated goals of students, faculty, business and community.

The scope of our projects have included:

  • strategy formulations for start-up, growing or declining businesses.
  • operational programs for existing enterprises seeking to enhance productivity or effectiveness.
  • tactical projects to supplement current staff.

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For Your Business

Centenary College has resources that enable students, faculty and now you, to keep current with developments, processes and principles in modern business.   With the assistance of students, faculty and staff, you can benefit from their availability within your community.

But you can also benefit from students supplementing your workforce through project work that may be:

  • Strategic
  • Operational, or
  • Investigative.

The projects that we have completed with students and faculty have included:

  • Marketing and business plans
  • Preparation of materials used to acquire funding
  • Cost-benefit analysis for capital projects
  • Creation of communication programs
  • Strategies to secure acceptance in the community.

Testimonials from some of our clients:

"I have been in this business for 30 years and the students uncovered some facts that I was not aware of."

"I had trouble trying to acquire funding, but they ... developed the content necessary to obtain capital."

"The students were amazing and very creative ... Helping us to set a new direction [for] ... community service."

"I know we're going to be successful, because of how the students helped us to focus on specific growth strategies ... providing the tools necessary to implement the plans."

"I had no previous experience with e-commerce ... the students' enthusiasm and technological savvy helped me move the business forward through the use of new media."

For Our Students & Faculty

Centenary College provides a student-centered educational experience that is innovative, holisitc-the framework for life-long learning. It capitalizes on the vast experience of its faculty and staff to assist in preparing students for their careers.

Students learn:

  • Subject content,
  • Sound business principles,
  • Investigative techniques and
  • Problem-solving skills.

The projects enable faculty and staff to:

  • Use their acquired skills,
  • Assist students in acquiring practical experience,
  • Guide students in fulfilling project objectives,
  • Provide students with career enhancement opportunities and
  • Maintain business & community contacts.

If this approach intrigues you, then call to discuss your interest and see how we can incorporate this practical learning experience into your curriculum.

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For Our Community

Centenary College is proud of its community citizenship and demonstration of social responsibility. Not only does it prepare students for careers in social and behavioral sciences, it also enables and encourages students to obtain practical experience by working on community-based projects through its internship, community service and now through the BCR.

The majors of criminal justice, social services, politics and psychology lend themselves to community-based projects.

Past projects have included:

  • Municipal planning,
  • Disabled training & employment,
  • Investigative reporting and Senior Expo.

The community benefits by having access to additional resources, a fresh look at community challenges and project supervision by experienced faculty and staff.

One agency describing their experience and benefits reported:

"The students were amazing and very creative... Helping us to set a new direction [for] ... community service."



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