RESOURCES: Financing Options

There are a few financing options to consider when you are looking for funds to finance your business. Some of those options are:

BUT you need to be prepared before you go to a funding source. If you're not sure how to become prepared, click here.

Access our Loan Calculator designed to help yoou determine what your monthly payments could be under various scenarios. This is part of the loan preparation planning that you need to do prior to pursuing lending options.

Of course you could always call our office (908-269-8475) and set an appointment with one of our NWNJSBDC advisors.

Alternatively, if you drop us an e-mail ( we'll send you instructions on becoming an NJSBDC client and our calendar of available times for appointments for the next 2 weeks.

Have you heard stories about how difficult it is to obtain funding from either lenders, investors or grantors? Check out our Toolset that allows you to get a handle on the likelihood of aour Fundability Tool to see how your business stacks up against the criteria most funders use to assess the suitability of your business and/or project.

Financial Management Tools

Loan Calculator
Free loan calculator by

Refinance Calculator



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