“The Business Plan” This workshop covers all the components of a business plan (business description and focus, location selection, knowledge of the competition, marketing strategy, financial plan, personnel/management needs, strategic plan for business growth etc.) to help entrepreneurs and small business owners get off to a fast start.

“Small Business Taxes” This course highlights small business tax responsibilities and obligations as they relate to the particular business structure (Sole proprietorship, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company, “C” Corporation, etc.). Other topics include the various tax forms and governmental reporting requirements, allowable expense deductions and depreciation, annual payroll reporting, the tax consequences of doing business in other states, and answers to frequently raised tax questions pertaining to small businesses.

“Small Business Record-Keeping” This course informs small business owners about the purpose and types of record-keeping systems (financial, personnel, supplier, customer, inventory and other miscellaneous categories) used for compliance with governmental regulations/requirements and as a management tool to easily access accurate documentation for accounting/tax planning, general ledger, balance sheet, financial statements, inventory control, cash flow management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash receipts, cash disbursements, profit and loss controls; analysis of record-keeping systems, to ensure effective financial management for small business opportunities and growth potential, is also studied.

“Marketing Strategies” This workshop helps small business owners learn about conducting market research, making strategic marketing decisions, wisely allocating budget funds to implement marketing goals, selecting the proper tools for advertising/ sales and public relations to capture business markets, building customer loyalty, and measuring business promotional efforts to effectively enhance marketing strategy in response to new circumstances and conditions, and more.

“Legal I: Start-up Specifics” This workshop provides basic knowledge of the laws affecting business. Topics include how to choose the appropriate business structure, assess business risks, provide adequate protection for business ideas (patents, copyright, trademarks) and business operations (leases, contracts, agreements) as well as learn about local zoning/regulations/permits/licensing, business trade name registration and incorporation procedures as well as other State, county, federal and international requirements.

“Legal II: Contracts” This course provides an overview of the basic elements of contracts and the different types of contracts (employment, suppliers, customers etc.) as well as what particular situations warrant attorney consultation. Other issues examined concern legal ownership of a business, the primary features of a partnership, examination of key areas of stockholder (shareholder) agreements such as management of the corporation and transfer of shares as well as various agreement provisions (restrictions on sale of stock, stock certificates, administrative obligation of parties etc.) and partnership agreement provisions (capital contributions, capital accounts, obligations of parties, termination of partnership etc.).

“Understanding Financial Statements” This course reviews the various types of financial statements which allow for further review and analysis of business operations and help design a profit improvement planning strategy to grow and expand business operations. Other areas of study are: understanding spreadsheets, revenue and expenses, structure and relationships, meaningful forecasts and projections, break-even analysis, balance sheets, and learning how to manage trends undermining your business (decreasing overhead costs, costs of sales, finding additional capitalization, etc.) and more.

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