FAQs: Building Your Business

While owning your own business (a.k.a. entrepreneurship) offers many rewards, you must:

  • start right,
  • be prepared and
  • be committed to invest the effort required to make it successful.

There are many steps in this process and our staff of advisors are prepared to outline an entire game plan and help you navigate through the process.

Schedule an appointment with the NJSBDC of Northwest Jersey and we'll provide you with a comprehensive Start-up Checklist.

Call 908-269-8475 or send an e-mail.

If you've done this before and want a quick refresher on the steps necessary to begin, check out the quick summary below.

  1. Check out the registration and filing process as found on the NJ Dept of Treasury's general information site. Go NOW
  2. You should schedule an appointment with your local NJSBDC office by:

Do this either before or after you've completed the registration process to assure that starting out on the right foot.

You may also want to review other NJ Dept of Treasury's Electronic Services.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) also provides a myriad of services so check out:
SBA Small Business Planner



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